Lions Club of ASPLEY

District 201Q3, Queensland, Australia.

Charter Members

Aspley Lions Club was chartered on the 21st November 1968, with 36 members, and was sponsored by the Chermside Lions Club.

The Charter dinner was held on Saturday 1st February 1969, at the Pasadena Reception Lounge, South Pine Road, Alderley.

Charter Members were:

President: Bill Page, Secretary: Vic Senescall, Treasurer: John Hopkins
Vice Presidents: Ken Carter (1st), Tony Nixon (2nd), Ray Hipwood (3rd)
Two Year Directors: Mike Thompson, Graeme Beckett
One Year Directors Colin Baker, John Steensen
Lion Tamer: Ray Houston
Tail Twister: Dick Pym
Public Relations Officer: Jim Murphy
Bulletin Editor: Tom Lagerwey


Bob Baker, Graeme Buchanan, Robin Beckley, Tony Coates,
Ces Cornford, Gerry Dawes, Blair Dittberner, Charles Elaurant,
Harry Johnston, Neville Milne, Dan Morrison, Darryl Nutley,
Jack OBrien, Kevin Rohde, Graham Simpson, Colin Sinclair,
Robert Stewart, Colin Somerville, Bob Wearne, Pat Whalen,
Peter Wilson, Frank Wisby